LESCO Detects 394 Power Pilferers on 132nd Day of Anti-Theft Campaign

LESCO Detects 394 Power Pilferers on 132nd Day of Anti-Theft Campaign

LESCO’s Vigilant Campaign Against Electricity Theft in Lahore and Surrounding Districts

The Lahore Electric Supply Company has achieved a significant milestone in its ongoing anti-power theft campaign, marking the 132nd day with the detection of 394 illegal electricity connections across five districts. These districts include Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Okara. This initiative is part of a larger effort to curb electricity theft, a prevalent issue affecting the region’s power supply and economic health.

Robust Actions Taken Against Lahore Electricity Theft

The Lahore Electricity spokesman reported that in addition to identifying these illicit connections, the company has been proactive in taking legal action. First Information Report (FIR) applications against 394 electricity thieves were submitted, leading to the registration of 140 cases at respective police stations.

LESCO Detects 394 Power Pilferers on 132nd Day of Anti-Theft Campaign

Notably, 13 accused individuals have been arrested in this Lahore electricity crackdown. The campaign highlights LESCO’s government commitment to enforcing the law and ensuring fair use of electricity resources.

Targeting Commercial and Domestic Offenders

In an unprecedented move, LESCO has not only targeted domestic offenders but also large commercial consumers found guilty of electricity theft. The disconnection of power supply to these offenders included five commercial, one industrial, four agricultural, and 384 domestic connections.

LESCO Detects 394 Power Pilferers on 132nd Day of Anti-Theft Campaign

These pilferers were collectively charged with a total of 321,484 units, amounting to a detection bill worth Rs 10.930 million. This action underscores LESCO’s resolve to combat power theft across all consumer categories.

Major Offenders and Heavy Fines

The campaign has brought some major power pilferers to light. Among them, an individual in Depalpur was charged with a detection bill of Rs 92,456, while another in the Karol Waar Katla area was fined Rs 201,456.

Additional fines included Rs 210,000 for a power thief in the City Centre area and Rs 185,000 in the Haji Park area. These measures are part of LESCO’s strategy to impose significant penalties on those engaged in electricity theft, deterring such illegal activities.

Cumulative Impact of the Anti-Theft LESCO Campaign

Over 132 days, LESCO has detected power pilferage in 45,501 connections and submitted 45,048 FIR applications. Out of these, 42,481 cases were registered, and a substantial number of 17,195 accused were arrested.

In total, LESCO has charged power pilferers with 66,182,780 detection units, translating to a staggering Rs 2,571,786,313. This campaign reflects LESCO’s dedication to preserving the integrity of its electricity supply and protecting consumer rights.

LESCO Cracks Down on 393 Power Pilferers in Anti-Theft Campaign

On the 130th day of its rigorous anti-power theft campaign, LESCO achieved significant results in curbing electricity theft across its service areas. The company’s dedicated teams detected a total of 393 power pilferers, resulting in the submission of 393 FIR (First Information Report) applications to the respective police stations.

Out of these, 158 FIRs were successfully registered, and 17 suspects involved in electricity theft were arrested. This operation also uncovered large commercial consumers involved in the malpractice, leading to the disconnection of 11 commercial, three agricultural, and 379 domestic connections.

The total power pilfered amounted to 354,961 units, culminating in a detection LESCO bill of Rs 14.742 million. In a notable instance, two major offenders in the Manawan area were charged with hefty fines totaling over Rs 1.5 million, while others in Johar Town and Islampura faced substantial penalties for their illegal electricity usage. This rigorous campaign by LESCO underscores its commitment to eradicating power theft and ensuring fair electricity distribution.

FAQs on LESCO’s Anti-Power Theft Campaign

How many illegal connections were detected during the campaign?

On the 132nd day of the campaign, LESCO detected 394 illegal electricity connections across Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Okara districts.

What legal actions are being taken against electricity thieves?

LESCO has been submitting First Information Report (FIR) applications against detected electricity thieves. Cases have been registered at respective police stations, and numerous offenders have been arrested.

How effective has the campaign been in curbing power theft?

The campaign has been quite effective, with thousands of FIRs lodged, numerous cases registered, and many arrests made. It has sent a strong message against electricity theft.

What is the total value of electricity pilfered as detected by LESCO?

LESCO has charged a total of 66,182,780 detection units to power pilferers, amounting to around Rs 2,571,786,313.

How does electricity theft impact regular consumers and the power supply?

Electricity theft leads to financial losses for the power company, which can result in higher tariffs for regular consumers. It also affects the reliability of the power supply.

What can consumers do to help in this campaign?

Consumers can assist by reporting any suspected cases of electricity theft and supporting LESCO’s efforts to maintain a fair and legal use of electricity resources.

Are commercial entities also involved in electricity theft?

Yes, the campaign has identified large commercial consumers, along with domestic and agricultural consumers, involved in electricity theft. These entities have been disconnected and fined.

What kind of penalties are imposed on power pilferers?

Detected power pilferers are charged with detection bills based on the pilfered units. The fines vary depending on the amount of electricity stolen and can range into hundreds of thousands of rupees.


LESCO’s relentless efforts in its anti-power theft campaign underscore the company’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring equitable electricity distribution. By targeting both commercial and domestic offenders, LESCO is setting a precedent for other utility companies to follow, showcasing a firm stance against electricity theft and its repercussions on the community and economy.

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