LESCO Helpline Numbers: Wapda Complaint Online 2024

If you’re facing any issues related to your electricity supply, LESCO has made lodging complaints simple and user-friendly.

Simply you can reach out by dialing the LESCO complaint number.

You can contact on the following numbers for complaint:

DepartmentContact Information
Chief ExecutiveAddress: 22/A Queens Road Lahore
Phone: 99204820-30, Ext: 100
Fax: 99204801
Customer Services DirectorateDirector Customer Services: 99204814
Manager Commercial: 99204850
HR & Admin DirectorateDirector HR: 99204811
Manager HR: 99204794
Legal DirectorateDirector Legal: 36280323
Manager Legal: 36280325

Here is the simple procedure for a Wapda/LESCO bill complaint.

Call the LESCO Complaint Number: For immediate assistance, call their toll-free number at 118. The LESCO representative will attend to your call and guide you through the complaint filing process.

Send an SMS: Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 8118 with the details of your complaint.

  • Provide Necessary Details: When you call or text, be ready to provide essential details about your complaint, including your consumer number, the nature of the issue, and your contact information.
  • Follow-Up Communication: After your complaint is registered, LESCO will keep you updated on the status of your complaint through email or SMS notifications.
  • Resolution: Wapda Lahore is committed to resolving customer complaints efficiently, ensuring that your electricity concerns are addressed promptly.

Filing a complaint with LESCO is now more convenient than ever with their online complaint system. This service is designed to quickly and efficiently address any issues you may have with your electricity connection.

To submit your Wapda file complaint lesco Lahore bill, follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the LESCO Website

Start by going to the LESCO website. Look for the ‘Complaints’ or ‘Customer Services’ section.

LESCO Helpline

Step 2: Submit Your Complaint

On the website, you will find an online complaint form. Go to the CCMS.pitc.com.pk. Fill in the required details, which typically include your consumer number, the nature of the complaint, and your contact information.

LESCO complain number

Step 3: Case Assignment

Once your complaint is submitted, it will be assigned to an electronic officer who will be responsible for addressing your issue.

LESCO helpline numbers

Step 4: Follow-Up and Resolution

The assigned officer will work with you to resolve your problem. LESCO also provides updates and follow-ups through their online system, ensuring you are informed about the progress of your LESCO complaint.

While the option to call their helpline or visit a customer service center in person is available, utilizing LESCO’s online service is highly recommended for its efficiency, faster response times, and the convenience of professional assistance at your fingertips.

Call the numbers below if you have a complaint about power failure.

  • 042-111000118
  • 0320-0520888
  • 99205461
  • 99205464

To complain to Lesco (Lahore Electric Supply Company) by SMS, follow these steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Create a new SMS message.
  • In the recipient field, enter the SMS number provided for Lesco, which is 8118.
  • In the message body, briefly describe your electricity-related complaint or inquiry. Be sure to include relevant details such as your account number, address, and the nature of the issue.
  • Once you have composed your message, send it to 8118.

Here is an example of how your SMS message to Lesco might look:

  • Recipient: 8118
  • Message: Hello, I am experiencing a power outage at [Your Address]. My account number is [Your Account Number]. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

Alternatively, if you have a general inquiry or need information. In that case, you can also contact the Lesco Helpline number at 118 or dial the Central complaint and monitoring cell helpline numbers at 042-99205461-2 or 0320-052088.


What is the number of LESCO toll-free?

How do I complain to 8118?

You can contact LESCO by email and through call or SMS.

  • Email: ccms@pitc.com.pk.
  • Call Contact Centre: 118 or SMS at 8118.