Overbilling Investigation: FIA to Probe Assets of LESCO Officers and Staff

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan is set to intensify its scrutiny of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) over allegations of overbilling. According to a report by ARY News, the FIA will conduct a detailed examination of the personal assets, lifestyles, and financial dealings of LESCO officers and staff. This move is part of a broader investigation into practices at LESCO, which has been a focal point of controversy surrounding the issue of overbilling its customers.

Sources have disclosed that all LESCO personnel will now be required to submit detailed information about their assets using a specific proforma designated by the FIA. This step appears to be linked to ongoing preparations for the potential privatization of LESCO, with officials at the utility claiming that their asset declarations are already made annually and are transparent.

The backdrop to this development includes a recent agreement between the FIA and LESCO aimed at resolving the persistent problem of overbilling. Under the terms of this agreement, LESCO committed to gradually eliminate overbilling over three months and to replace meters for pending connections within the same timeframe.

FIA to Probe Assets of LESCO Officers and Staff

The relationship between the FIA and LESCO has been marked by tension, with earlier reports indicating that LESCO had at one point forbidden its revenue officers from cooperating with the FIA’s investigative team. This probe by the FIA into the personal finances of LESCO employees signifies a significant escalation in the agency’s efforts to tackle corruption and inefficiency within the public utility sector.

FIA, LESCO Settle Overbilling Issue

The longstanding issue of overbilling by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has recently reached a resolution with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), signaling a pivotal moment in the utility’s efforts to address consumer grievances and regulatory scrutiny. After extensive discussions and investigations into alleged financial malpractices within LESCO, both entities have agreed to a settlement that promises to phase out overbilling over a three-month period. This agreement includes the replacement of electric meters for pending connections, aiming to ensure transparency and accuracy in billing practices.

The settlement marks a significant step forward in rectifying the trust deficit between LESCO and its customers, and it highlights the role of the FIA in enforcing accountability in public service operations. The resolution not only aims to rectify past billing inaccuracies but also sets a framework for ongoing oversight and reform within LESCO, which could potentially serve as a model for other public utilities facing similar challenges across Pakistan.

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