LESCO Collects Over Rs 3.36m From 271 Defaulters in 24 Hours

LESCO Collects Over Rs 3.36m From 271 Defaulters in 24 Hours

In a proactive move to recover outstanding dues, Lahore Electric Supply Company has successfully retrieved over Rs 3.36 million from 271 defaulters within 24 hours across its operational districts. This concerted effort to tackle delinquent accounts spanned across Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Okara. Spearheaded by various Superintending Engineers (SEs), each responsible for specific circles, the recovery campaign saw notable contributions from SE Nisar Sarwar, SE Umar Bilal, SE Shabbir, SE Zafarullah Saanghi, SE Muhammad Hussain, SE Najamul Hassan, SE Jamshed Zaman, and SE Ahmed Shahzad Chughtai.

LESCO Collects Over Rs 3.36m From 271 Defaulters in 24 Hours

Together, they diligently pursued defaulters in their respective jurisdictions, demonstrating LESCO’s unwavering commitment to financial accountability. This relentless pursuit has yielded significant results, with a cumulative recovery of Rs 2.950 billion from 101,384 defaulters over 209 days. These efforts underscore LESCO’s dedication to maintaining financial stability while ensuring equitable access to electricity for all consumers.

Strategic Recovery Operations Across Circles

LESCO’s recovery efforts were orchestrated through coordinated operations led by Superintending Engineers (SEs) deployed across various circles. SEs such as Nisar Sarwar, Umar Bilal, Shabbir, Zafarullah Saanghi, Muhammad Hussain, Najamul Hassan, Jamshed Zaman, and Ahmed Shahzad Chughtai spearheaded the endeavor in their respective circles, demonstrating a comprehensive and targeted approach to debt recovery.

Milestones Achieved: A Testament to Diligence

The significant milestones achieved during the 209th day of the recovery campaign speak volumes about LESCO’s diligence and efficacy in tackling outstanding dues. With SEs making notable recoveries from defaulters in Northern, Eastern, Central, South, Nankana, Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur Circles, the company has exemplified its capacity to drive results through focused initiatives.

Upholding Financial Integrity and Trust

By diligently pursuing defaulters and recovering outstanding dues, LESCO not only strengthens its financial viability but also upholds its integrity as a reliable utility provider. This concerted effort not only ensures the smooth functioning of LESCO’s operations but also fosters trust and confidence among its consumers and stakeholders.

Continued Commitment to Accountability

As LESCO continues its relentless pursuit of debt recovery, it reaffirms its commitment to holding defaulters accountable for their financial obligations. Through proactive measures and strategic interventions, LESCO aims to maintain a robust financial ecosystem that supports its mission of delivering quality electricity services to the community.

(FAQs) about LESCO’s Debt Recovery Efforts

How does LESCO identify defaulters?

LESCO employs various mechanisms, including meter readings, billing records, and field inspections, to identify customers with outstanding dues.

Can customers negotiate payment plans with LESCO?

Yes, LESCO provides options for installment plans and negotiations to facilitate customers in clearing their outstanding dues gradually.

How does LESCO ensure transparency in its recovery process?

LESCO maintains transparency by providing detailed billing statements, issuing official notices, and documenting all communication with defaulters.


LESCO’s remarkable achievement in recovering over Rs 3.36 million from 271 defaulters within a 24-hour period reflects its unwavering commitment to financial stability and customer service. Through strategic planning, diligent execution, and a multi-circle approach, LESCO continues to demonstrate resilience and effectiveness in managing outstanding dues. As the company sustains its momentum in debt recovery initiatives, it remains dedicated to serving its customers and ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders.

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