LESCO Detects Power Pilferage in Ravi Syphon Area

Crackdown on Electricity Theft: LESCO Detects Power Pilferage in Ravi Syphon Area, Gogera

In a recent development, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has intensified its efforts to combat electricity theft in the region. A thorough inspection conducted by LESCO’s inspection team has uncovered instances of power pilferage at a farmhouse in the Ravi Syphon area and in a locality within the jurisdiction of the Gogera Sub-Division.

According to a spokesperson for LESCO, the crackdown on electricity pilferers is being carried out rigorously under the leadership of LESCO’s Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Shahid Haider. As part of this ongoing operation, an inspection was conducted in the Ravi Syphon area, led by the X-En of Shalimar Division, resulting in the discovery of electricity theft at a farm house. The illicit connection was being used to power a tube-well, causing significant losses to the utility.

LESCO Detects Power Pilferage in Ravi Syphon Area

Upon detection of the electricity theft, the LESCO team swiftly seized the wires used in the illegal connection and initiated legal proceedings against the accused. A case was registered with the respective police station, and efforts are underway to recover the incurred losses by charging the detection bill to the power pilferer.

Engineer Shahid Haider, the CEO of LESCO, emphasized the severity of electricity theft, referring to perpetrators as “national criminals.” He affirmed the commitment of LESCO to continue the anti-electricity theft campaign until complete eradication of this illegal practice.

In a separate operation conducted by the Gogera Sub-Division’s SDO and his team, with support from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), another case of electricity theft was uncovered. The accused, upon detecting the raiding team, resorted to burning out the power meter in an attempt to conceal the illegal activity. However, the SDO managed to secure the burnt meter and transformer as evidence and registered a case with the local police.

The electricity theft perpetrated by the accused resulted in a substantial loss amounting to Rs 400,000 for LESCO. The utility remains steadfast in its resolve to hold accountable those involved in electricity theft and to safeguard the integrity of the power supply system.

LESCO’s Vigilant Approach to Combat Power Pilferage

In its ongoing battle against power pilferage, the Lahore Electric Supply Company has adopted a vigilant approach aimed at curbing electricity theft across its service areas. With a dedicated inspection team in place, LESCO has intensified its efforts to identify and prosecute those involved in illegal electricity connections. Recently, significant instances of power theft were uncovered in the Ravi Syphon area and within the jurisdiction of the Gogera Sub-Division. These findings underscore the persistent challenges faced by utility providers in ensuring the integrity of the power grid.

Despite the obstacles, LESCO remains committed to upholding its mandate of delivering reliable and affordable electricity to its customers. Through proactive measures and collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies, LESCO continues to make strides in combating power pilferage and safeguarding the interests of both consumers and utility companies.

Impact on Communities: The Importance of Preventing Electricity Theft

Preventing electricity theft is not just a matter of financial loss for utility companies like LESCO; it also has significant impacts on communities and society as a whole. When individuals or businesses illegally tap into the power grid, they not only deprive the utility company of revenue but also jeopardize the reliability and safety of the electricity supply.

This can lead to frequent power outages, voltage fluctuations, and even electrical accidents that pose risks to public safety and property. Moreover, the burden of these losses ultimately falls on law-abiding consumers in the form of increased tariffs and service disruptions. By combatting power theft, LESCO not only protects its own interests but also ensures that communities have access to uninterrupted and safe electricity, thereby fostering economic development, social well-being, and environmental sustainability.


In conclusion, LESCO’s proactive measures against electricity theft underscore its commitment to ensuring fair and lawful distribution of electricity resources. The collaborative efforts of enforcement agencies and utility personnel are instrumental in deterring and prosecuting offenders, ultimately contributing to the stability and reliability of the power grid.

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