LESCO FAQs: Pay Your LESCO Bills Easily

Every consumer should know the common LESCO FAQs before submitting their Lahore electricity bills online. However, for consumers, we have mentioned the Lahore electric bills online and frequently asked questions that will help to pay bills online easily.

Beyond bill checking and payment, our FAQs cover a range of topics from registering complaints, reporting power outages, and applying for new connections, to updating personal information. 


How can I check my LESCO bill online?

You can check your LESCO bill online by visiting the official LESCO website. Navigate to the ‘Bill Check’ section and enter your consumer number or reference number. It will display your current Lahore electricity bill, which you can also download or print for your records.

What are the steps for LESCO bill payment online?

To pay your LESCO bill online, choose a payment method like internet banking, mobile banking apps, or e-wallet services. Log into your chosen platform, enter the bill details such as the reference number, and follow the instructions to complete the payment. Always ensure to receive a confirmation of payment for your records.

How can I register a complaint with LESCO?

Registering a complaint with LESCO is simple. You can either call to LESCO helpline, available 24/7, or use their online complaint system on their official website. Provide necessary details like your consumer number, contact information, and a description of your issue.

What should I do if I experience a power outage?

In case of a power outage, first, check if it’s a local issue or if a wider area is affected. You can report the outage to LESCO through their helpline or online portal. Then, provide your consumer number and address for a quicker resolution.

How can I apply for a new LESCO connection?

To apply for a new LESCO connection, visit their nearest customer service center with your identification documents, property proof, and a completed application form. When LESCO faces rs2.23 billion loss after the Government rejects subsidy claims, they guide you through the process and inform you about any charges and documentation required.

How do I update my personal information with LESCO?

To update your personal information, visit the nearest LESCO office with your consumer number and valid identification. You can request changes to your name, address, contact number, etc.

Can I change my LESCO tariff category?

Yes, you can apply for a change in your LESCO tariff category. Submit an application to your nearest LESCO office with justification for the change and any required documents. LESCO will review your application and make a decision based on their policies.

What are the peak hours for electricity usage according to LESCO?

Peak hours, when electricity usage is at its highest and tariffs are higher, vary seasonally. Generally, peak hours are during the evening. You can find the specific peak hours on the LESCO website or by contacting their customer service.

How does LESCO calculate electricity bills?

You can calculate LESCO electricity bills based on your electricity consumption in units (kWh), multiplied by the applicable tariff rate. Additional charges like fuel adjustment charges, taxes, and other government-imposed surcharges may also apply.

What is the procedure for correcting a LESCO bill error?

If you notice an error in your LESCO bill, report it immediately to your nearest LESCO customer service center. Provide your bill and any relevant documents to support your claim. LESCO will investigate the issue and issue a corrected bill if necessary.

How can I find out about LESCO load shedding schedules?

LESCO load-shedding schedules can be found on their official website. Alternatively, you can contact their customer service helpline for up-to-date information. Load shedding schedules may vary based on load management and are subject to change.

Can I get a history of my LESCO bills?

Yes, you can access your LESCO bill history through their online portal. You’ll need to provide your consumer number to view past bills, which can be useful for personal record-keeping or when addressing billing discrepancies.

How to report electricity theft to LESCO?

Electricity theft can be reported anonymously to LESCO through their helpline or website. Providing details like the location and nature of the theft can help LESCO take prompt action against such illegal activities.

How can I understand the various charges on my LESCO bill?

Each charge on your LESCO bill is itemized and described. Common charges include energy charges, fuel adjustment charges, meter rent, and government taxes.