LESCO Issues Loadshedding Schedule for Sunday

LESCO Issues Loadshedding Schedule for Sunday

In an important announcement for the residents of Lahore, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has released a detailed load-shedding schedule for the upcoming Sunday (January 28, 2024).

This temporary power suspension is a part of LESCO’s strategic plan to undertake essential maintenance and repair activities on its transmission lines. Such measures are crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of the electrical infrastructure that serves the bustling metropolis.

LESCO’s decision to conduct these operations on a Sunday is likely aimed at minimizing the disruption to the city’s busy weekday routines, reflecting the company’s commitment to both maintaining its infrastructure and accommodating the needs of its consumers.

LESCO’s Scheduled Maintenance Leads to Planned Power Outages

The LESCO spokesperson has confirmed that the power supply will be temporarily suspended in various areas of Lahore on Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm. This Lahore electricity scheduled outage is part of LESCO’s commitment to maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure to provide uninterrupted electricity to its consumers.

Lesco Loadshedding Affected Areas and Feeders

As per the announcement made by a LESCO spokesperson on Saturday, the power supply will be suspended in various localities from 9 am to 2 pm.

Lesco Load-shedding Affected Areas and Feeders

The Lahore load-shedding affected feeders include:

  • Central Park Grid: Ali Haider, Madhav Shah, Waraich feeders.
  • Chak 65 Grid: Eastern 2, Industrial, PGA, Raid 2, 3, Reshma, Shah Nawaz, Sharif feeders.
  • Koh Noor Textiles Area: Feeders like Elcott, Afzal Spinning, Alam Cotton, Greenhouse, Koh Noor Looms, and several others.
  • Deepalpur Grid: A range of feeders including Asadullahpur, Chauhan Shaman, Godhara, and more.
  • Johar Town and Surrounding Areas: Feeders from Kattarband Road, Niaz Beg, Badar Colony.
  • Shah Inayat, Kahna Grid: Sheikh Nooruddin 2 feeder, among others.
  • Khadian Grid: Multiple feeders including Chabar, Ghous Sabri, and Gohar.
  • Muridke and Surrounding Areas: Feeders from Bungalow Road, Chand Bagh, Hasan Park.
  • Cordoba Grid and Rayon New Grid Areas: State Bank, Al Nasr, AM Steel feeders, etc.
  • Rinala and Rewaz Garden Grids: Feeders like Aleem Town, Rao Ziauddin, and Shergarh.
  • Township and Surrounding Areas: Expert Aid, Fine Gas, Green Town, Industrial Feeders.
  • Hera Grid, Allama Iqbal International Airport Area: Elkot, PIA Complex, Airport 1, 2, Cargo Complex feeders.
  • Ghazi Grid and Surrounding Areas: Padhana, Paragon, Ghovandi, Jahman feeders.
  • Rustam Grid Area: Feeders like Al Rehman Garden, Anees Printing, and Arafat Park.

Impact of the Load Shedding on Residents

This Wapda load shedding is expected to impact numerous residents and businesses in the affected areas. The LESCO advises consumers to plan their activities accordingly and apologizes for any inconvenience caused. These maintenance activities are crucial for enhancing the overall efficiency of the power supply and preventing unexpected power outages in the future.

LESCO’s Commitment to Service Improvement

LESCO remains committed to improving its services and infrastructure. Regular maintenance and upgrading of transmission lines are essential components of the LESCO to provide a stable and continuous power supply to its consumers.

For further information and updates, customers are advised to stay in touch with LESCO’s customer service channels.


LESCO’s proactive approach to scheduling maintenance work and informing the public in advance demonstrates its commitment to transparency and customer service. While the temporary inconvenience of load shedding is recognized, these steps are vital for ensuring the long-term reliability and safety of Lahore Wapda’s electricity supply.


What is the load shedding schedule for Sunday?

The load-shedding schedule for Sunday varies based on different areas under LESCO’s jurisdiction. Customers can check the detailed schedule on LESCO’s or through their customer service hotline. Typically, the schedule will outline the times during which power outages are expected in different sectors.

How can I prepare for load shedding?

To prepare for load shedding, ensure that all essential devices are charged in advance, such as mobile phones and laptops. Consider investing in backup power solutions like UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems or generators for critical needs. It’s also advisable to keep flashlights, candles, and battery-operated fans accessible.

Will the load shedding schedule be the same for all areas covered by LESCO?

No, the load shedding schedule can differ across various areas covered by LESCO due to factors like local demand, distribution capacity, and technical constraints. It’s important to check the schedule specific to your area.

What should I do if my power doesn’t return after the scheduled load shedding period?

If your power doesn’t return after the scheduled load shedding period, first check if your main switch is in the ON position. If the outage persists, report it to LESCO through their customer service hotline or online complaint system. It may be due to a local fault rather than the load shedding schedule.

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